Hi, I’m Victoria Racey,

I’m a down to earth London girl thats always had a passion and desire to help people.I first started learning about hypnotherapy over 20 years ago whilst working in a corporate setting. They didn’t call it hypnotherapy or hypnosis but thats what it was & that for me was the start.

At the start of my journey all those years ago I struggled with anxiety and poor mindset. I had a 20 a day habit, drank too much, feared spiders, struggled with body image & had a borderline eating disorder.  I thought it was normal to feel anxious all of the time! It really isn’t people & I know that because I no longer experience the debilitating feelings caused by being continuously anxious or stressed. I’m so happy that issues like IBS, Migraine are now thank goodness a things of the past. Oh! Did I mention that I also couldn’t sleep. My life was a mess people but I feared change & didn’t believe my norm would ever change for me.  Well, thank goodness I took a step outside of that norm back then! So that is why, I do what I do. This isn’t  just something I do! I love helping people be free of the mental blocks that hold them back from being the best version of themselves!

For me understanding simply isn’t enough! Yes it’s very important to understand the why. This works like a key. However, my aim is to help my clients to not just understand but also feel different & achieve their goals as quickly as possible.  So they can live their life free of emotional pain. I love the moment when a client has what I call a “Bing moment!” It’s like someone flicked the switch & put the light on. Stopped an addiction like smoking or drinking. Overcome anxiety or stress beat a phobia so they can do the things that they once believed impossible. Reach the perfect weight for them easily without starving themselves or joining a bootcamp. Or simply got a great nights sleep. I would love to help you reach your goals. I’d be delighted to explain how I would work with you to create your own therapeutic plan.

Reach out to me via phone, text or email on 07966000668 or for a complimentary call to find out how I can help you. It’s really important that you feel comfortable with your therapist, this is the perfect chance to find out. You’ve already taken an amazing first step by looking here. I look forward to hearing from you. Be brave and take the next step…

Please watch my video for more information about me and my work by clicking the link:


In the late 90’s I completed the Anthony Robbins NLP course. I became an NLP practitioner not long after by training with the creator of NLP Richard Bandler along side Paul McKenna & Micheal Breen.

2002 I qualified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Person Centred Counselling at The UK College of Complimentary Health Care based in St Charles Hospital, Notting Hill, London & Wembley Centre for Health & Care. Mandy Langford taught us how to work alongside the NHS, follow the codes of conduct set out by the GHR and become fully accredited and insured Hypnotherapists.

2016 I learnt Cognitive, Behavioural Mindfulness at Oxford Mindfulness Centre this combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Mindfulness.

2018 Diploma in Cognitive, Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBT) combines CBT with Hypnotherapy. I completed this at The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in London. This method takes a clinical evidence based approach and combines  Cognitive, Behavioural, Therapy (CBT) one of the most effective & now well used therapies and combines it with Hypnosis making it very effective this course is also approved by The British Psychological Society, General Hypnotherapy Register, Complimentary & National Healthcare Council and National Council of Hypnotherapy.

2019 My most recent qualification is in Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT this is a fantastic method as it goes straight to the root cause. This is an award winning therapy that achieves  phenomenal results.  RTT was created by British Therapist Marisa Peer, therapist to the rich & famous, writer for magazine Marie Claire, therapist for Supersize vs Superskinny & author of several best selling books… This therapy is incredibly effective the results really do speak for themselves.  I’ve been able to unblock psychological blocks people didn’t even know they had. You really do not have to live with the uncomfortable feelings that hold you back & stop you living to your true potential and keep you stuck in destructive behaviours.

I’m fully insured and accredited hypnotherapist. I’m registered with:-

General Hypnotherapy Register – GHR

Complementary & National Healthcare Council – CNHC

National Council of Hypnotherapy – NCH

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT- Practitioner

I’m committed to continual personal and professional development so I can help people just like you make profound & sustainable changes.


I’ve loads of experience both personal & professional. Heres a couple of testimonials from clients I’ve recently worked with.

“Victoria has changed my life.I am a woman in my early fifties and was steadily putting on weight.  Although I knew overeating was my problem the idea of dieting or making changes to my lifestyle seemed daunting and impossibly hard to achieve.

After a lot of google searching on the subject of weight loss I read about hypnosis.

I found Victoria by (lucky) chance. Her confidence in me was so reassuring and as if by magic after the first session my mindset was totally changed towards my bad and self – destructive eating habits.

I have not been on a diet. I now have an overwhelming desire to only eat the type and amount of food my body needs.  I still eat out regularly with my family and friends, I have not had to prepare separate meals for myself.

I have easily met my initial weight loss target and have now set myself a new target which I know to be achievable.

I can’t thank Victoria enough for her skill, empathy and support.”

Caroline- Wiltshire

“I knew I had the skills but I lacked the confidence & self-esteem. Victoria helped me to believe in myself & I got the job!”

Emma- Wiltshire



Hourly rate £75 Online via zoom or from one of the rooms at The counselling & Psychotherapy centre Swindon.

I offer therapeutic packages that reduce the hourly rate.

For example 6 hours of therapy for £350 over 6-8 weeks with tailor made recordings & support to get you to your goal quickly & easily…

Contact me for a complimentary discovery call to find out more. It’s really important you feel comfortable with your therapist here’s a great opportunity to find out.

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