Joanne Mildenhall


The stresses of life and modern living can sometimes be difficult to cope with and talking to friends and family may not always be enough, or they may not quite ‘get’ what we are on about or how we really feel.

Life events that come out of the blue, such as a health problem, an incident or an accident can impact upon us, perhaps ‘shattering’ our lives, leaving us unsure of who we are, or question how on earth we are going to pick up the pieces.

Perhaps you are close to someone who has experienced a traumatic event and are feeling the effects of it through them.

Working in the Emergency Services can also offer it’s own unique traumatic experiences which can feel isolating – perhaps your colleagues don’t understand, or you feel embarrassed to share how you feel with them as maybe it appears that they’re coping ok, or perhaps you don’t want to traumatise ‘outside’ family and friends with what you have seen. If you feel distressed, who do you turn to?

While attending calls for help can be hugely satisfying and bring about positive feelings, sometimes, it can feel like you are the ‘trauma magnet’ for ‘bad jobs’ or ‘shouts. Either a one-off incident or an accumulation of experiences can affect us, not only from attending an event, but also from the aftermath such as media reporting.

Talking through experiences can help. Most people find it helpful to talk with someone who listens and doesn’t judge us especially when we feel vulnerable and/or it may be difficult to cope with a traumatic incident or life experience.

Counselling is a way of helping you to gain understanding and insight to make sense of a situation or experience, and to develop emotional resilience and coping so that you may live your life more satisfyingly.

As a qualified counselling therapist, I offer a safe and confidential professional working relationship, through which problems can be explored.

I work respectfully of ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, politics, culture or nationality.


MA Trauma Studies (Psychology)

Professional Diploma Integrative Therapeutic Counselling

BSc (Hons)/ IHCD Paramedic Emergency Care Practice
BA (Hons) Health & Social Care
Registered with the Health & Care Profession’s Council
DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certificate.

As a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I work within their ‘Ethical Framework of Good Practice’ and have regular supervision.

I am committed to regular continuous professional development.


In addition to my private work, I have experience of counselling young adults with a wide range of issues, in a voluntary setting.

I have almost twenty years’ experience of working frontline within the emergency services as a paramedic, which has given me the privilege of providing emergency care to people from all walks of life in all kinds of situations. However, during this time, I have also seen the impact that attending incidents can have upon those who work in the emergency services. Concerned that there was little to emotionally support these workers, I developed an interest and passion in the field of emergency services psychological trauma and undertook a master’s degree under the guidance of Professor Stephen Joseph. Since, I have begun to positively raise awareness of this under-researched field amongst academics and within the NHS. Additionally, I have also trained as a counsellor and am now able to offer therapeutic support to those who have experienced trauma and/or a variety of life events.


£40 per session (50 minutes)


Posted on

21st May 2019